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Mosaiks offers players in Antiquity and Decoration a set of Internet services that are useful to professionals today. Mosaiks is a brand of Klix services, a French company located in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris. Mosaiks allows professionals to benefit from prices lower than market prices, thanks to the relocation of its production to Tunisia. Mosaiks provides you with its teams of Graphic Designers, computer engineers, SEO Specialists, and project managers. Mosaiks allows you to benefit from the advancements at the forefront of today's Internet. For example by accompanying you today in the world of video. For example, to allow you to benefit from the latest technological advances, such as in terms of web hosting. Indeed, we have just changed our servers. When it comes to servers, technology is advancing very quickly. Today, there are very fast drives, NVMe SSDs, 10 to 20 times faster than the previous technology. However, for Google, the display speed is important in its algorithms, and therefore in its overall assessment of the website it is visiting. Your website is too slow ? Call us.
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