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| En is a platform for antiques and decoration. Another platform? So what are the leaders on the market? We need a new service. We have made a very ergonomic site. A site where the visitor feels good. Bozaart highlights your expertise, certificates of authenticity, catalogs raisonnés, and… the video of the article. In addition, Mosaiks offers a website referencing service (SEO). See the “Natural SEO” section for more information. With Bozaart you only pay for the natural referencing of each article that you will publish on Bozaart, A precision. We are not only referencing Bozaart, or a category of Bozaart, but the article itself. Your piece is unique, it must arrive directly on Google. The price ? 20 € monthly excl. tax, Bozaart and referencing included. * Bozaart invents the pooling of Google natural referencing. If you don't have time to enter your items, Bozaart does it for €16 excl. tax per month! (Package for 30 articles per month) * Price 2023 / Or €240 per year excl. tax for 300 items per year.
Bozaart has merchants sign a charter of good conduct. For example, they must clearly indicate the era of the property presented. You can consult the details of the charter on Belonging to an expert union, the existence of a catalog raisonné, or a certificate of authenticity is mentioned at the level of the article. In addition to the period, the display of the sale price is mandatory, except for items above €40,000. New or old copies are naturally prohibited A special category includes all articles created «after 1945», etc.
Today we live the evolution of Video. Bozaart integrates article videos (you are guided, it's very simple) If you don't have time to enter your items, Mosaiks does it for €16 excl. tax per month. The input is done manually by Mosaiks. The clipping of the 1st photo is included. (See secretariat)*
If you are an antique dealer, or in decoration, register on
You need Bozaart, Bozaart needs you.
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